Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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Online Money Making From Blogs

There are several ways to make money online but some require more hard work and some require less hard work.

First we look at Google Adsense:

Make online money from google adsense. You can make money with google. You should have good knowledge about google adsense program. There is a small code of program which you require to paste on your website or blog. You can first register for google adsense for free. Google check your website or blog content and then it decide which kind of add is suitable for website.

You can also select your desired ads, and you can select upto 15 category which best suit to your site. All the ads will be rotate and that user could get different ads on next visit. Choose the best location on your website for placing ads. Google automatically credit you’re account as the visitor clicks your website link.

How much money google credited to you’re a.c depends upon PPC and keywords. So always choose those keywords which can give your maximum from one click. Don’t click your ads from your own resource it means you or your friends should not make fraud clicks as google is master mind and it has several ways to track it. Be honest and work hard. Read out the google adsense guidelines and how to make your adsense better.


Amazon pays your like google adsense, but they want to promote their product and when some one click on their product ads and make any purchase from that category, amazon will credit your ac with some percentage or fix amount of money. You have to register and pase the code given by amazon into your website or blog. There are many other program which offer money like ebay shopping.

Affiliates Programs

Join various affiliates programs; there are many website which offer affiliates membership for free of cost. You will be paid for their selected services and program. What amount you get, it depends upon the quality of the product and services. Search out properly about their programs, sales strategy and commission involved in those. Try to gather information as much as ca.

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