Saturday, July 14, 2007

Make money From Blogs Blogging Making Money With Your Blogs

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Here you will find most popular tips and tricks for blogging and also know how you can make money from blogs or websites. If you have little bit of knowledge about internet you can make money. But who have perfect knowledge; they can surely make huge money.

Fist you have to make a blog. There are several sites which offer free blogging facilities but they show there own ads on them. So you should make your blogs either on blogger.Com or These two are well know and best websites for blogs. They offer you total control over the blog. You can edit html, header, add pictures and much more. Even you can upload your customized blogs from your computer or online, provided you should have the knowledge about that.

When your blogs is created, register for google adsense a.c with googe adsense. It will take some time to activate your account with google adsense. After creation of ac you will get a confirmation mail from google. It means now you are ready to place ads on your blog or website.

How to make your blogs popular and drive traffic for your blogs.

Search Engine loves fresh content so make daily entries or post to your blog. Soon you will find that blog in ranking. You can also analyze performance of your blogs using Google Analytics. Make minimum interesting and useful posts to your blog.

Blogs can be promoted in quick time it also come automatically in the ranking when you write fresh and useful content on that. But for more traffic you need seo work on that. SEO stands for search engine optimization.

Submit your blogs to blogs directories. Post RSS Feeds to popular rss feed directories like Technorali and Rss feeds make your blog popular over the internet.

Write title and description of your blog as per seo tips and tricks. It means You should use keywords in title and in description.

Write comment on others blog by living your blogs url it is also and good way to make your blog popular.

Place your ads at suitable place that give more visibility to the reader. So that that chances of click will be more.

Write articles for your blog and submit these in articles directories. Write interesting and informative articles by giving your blog link on that.

Use signature in your mail and give your blog url in that. It is also and way to promote your blog. If you send 1 or 2 new mails daily, it means minimum 30 new visitor for that.

Interlink your logs as it has been seen when a reader reads ones blogs it generally clicks for links also. Read more seo tips and tricks for website and blog promotion. If you have any question leave a comment, you will get the answer in soon.

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