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Make Online Money Google Adsense Program Online Money

Google Adsense Program

Google Adsense program is free and very popular. You can make thousand and lacks from Google Adsense Programe. You have to make a free a/c with Google Adsense or you can use your existing gmail id for it.

How it works:

Google Adsense Program is PPC base program though which you will be paid for each valid click by the visitor to your site. Google will credited you’re a/c with some amount of money. There are many types of ads format available on Adsense so that you can customized the ads as per your site that suit the best.

Customized Ads:

Google Adsense Program is customizable ads program. It means, you can choose size, width, height of your ads, you can select text, image and image text both, ads format. You can select which is the best.

Google Referral Products:-

Google Adsense program also offer its self product and services for ads. If user clicks as well as register for that you can get upto $5. it depend upon the keyword by which user had come on your site

Why Google Adsense:

Google Adsense offers content base ads to the visitor it means whenever anyone visit your sites, the chances of clicking on the ads will be more and hence you will be paid for that click. It does not matter whether that person are going to register or buy that product or services. So it is based on pay per click PPC.

Apart from just clicking Google also offer referral ads that can give you higher money but the only thing is that, the user should downloads or register for that services. You can place maximum three google ads on single page as per Google guidelines. But it has been seen that many sites have more than three ads on single web page. So it depends upon Google whether it considers it or not but basically it allows only three ads to be placed on a single page.

How Google pays for one lick

It is a good question that what you will get if your ad is clicked. The amount depends upon the keyword bidding by the sponsor or we can say that high traffic keywords are paid more. If lets say you own a software solution website and some one come on your site through the keyword website design or software solution. These keywords are high traffic keywords and you may be paid more if user clicks on your site ads though this keyword search. Similarly there are many other high traffic keywords that can offer you high amount of profit. So always try to promote your website on high traffic keywords so that you can get more revenue from your ads.

Don’t use fraudulent techniques

Don’t use fraudulent techniques for adsense. If you use any fraudulent method that make user to click your ads more, Google can block you’re a/c. Be sincere for Google and Google will also be sincere towards you.

When you will be paid

Google has its own payment criteria. You will be paid only after you will get credited with minimum 100 us dollars in your Google Adsense ac. Google will sent you personal identification number (PIN) when you will get 50 dollar. It will send you a mail for that. They will mention you the date of issuing you the Google Adsense Pin number. If you doest get that pin number as your given address within 2 to 4 weak from the time of dispatch. You can again request for a new pin buy just sending a mail.

What to do after receiving pin number.

Log in to your Google Adsense A/c by entering your user name and password.

Click on My Account tab and click on Payment History option.

There you have to enter your mailed pin number.

You will get message “You have successfully entered your pin number” it means you are now eligible for payment after making $100.

If you have any problem you can contact to

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Is it true that Google bans some sites or blogs which display high paying keywords such as forex, mesothelioma etc, especially on blogs.