Friday, October 23, 2009

Online Money Making Ideas- Ways Of Making Money Free

online money making ideas, ways of making money online

Online Money Making Ideas - Ways Of Making Money Free

Lots of ideas there to make money online and many people are there making big buks with these ideas of making money online? People are becoming millionaire by doing online work as they have fantastic and great ideas to make online money.

Online money making ideasways of making money online for free

Make money through blogs: It’s is the best way to make money online thought blog. A Blog is similar like a website but you need not to have any designing knowledge for that, just you need to post content there and your small website is ready. You need not to have hosting, web space and special knowledge. Basis internet knowledge is enough. On the other hand website require designing knowledge, content, hosting or webspace and hence money to invest. So it would be advised to go with free blog initially if you don’t have enough knowledge about the internet and online money making tricks. Free bloging websites are Blogger and worldpress. Good way to make online money.

Make online money with Freelance jobs: Yes freelance work is becoming popular and more popular day by day on the internet, people are earning big money with freelance jobs, and most of the people have even left their jobs and earning money with online freelance jobs. But for that you need to have some kind of special technical knowledge otherwise it would be hard to make big bucks. For example if you have website designing experience then you can make money online and make money more than 40k to 50k per month. But for that you need to have expert hand over designing. But if you don’t have expertise knowledge you can also make few bucks with your job by doing freelance work at home in your weekends and in nights.

Money making through articles/content writing: This is very simple, you need to have good command over English specifically in written. You can take knowledge online how to write articles and content for the website. It is very simple and you can make huge money if you have creativity. People are earning more then 50K per month from content writing job. Blog posting: Some professional blogger pay you on the basis on per post. You can make money online by posting for these blogs.

Money making though photography:

Those who are professional photographer and have a good quality camera can also make huge money with their creative pictures. You need to register with website like shutterstock and submit your pics, you will be paid for that. For more information and payment guidelines you can visit shutterstock. One of the good ideas to make online money.

Email Marketing: This is also a very good way for fresher who don’t know anything, just collect a huge database of email and do some advertising by sending mails to these email id. Try to make your database bigger and bigger. As more mail you send, more you will be paid for that. Good idea to make money online.

Online SMS Programs: There are some online sms advertising website which also offer you a chance to make money but it is not so popular. Register with these website and you will be provided a promotional code, you can send this code to your friends either by email or though website, chatting or sms. You need to make you network larger and larger. Now you and your friends will get SMS based on the categories you have chosen on the website. You will get paid for the sms you have received on your mobile and also for the sms that your network friends have received on their cell phones. Good but not a great idea to make money online.

Help friends to find better jobs: Yes this you can do easily. Few website offer you money for each friend who register and get selected only if he is referred by you. Just register yourself first and you will be given a unique code, you need to send this code to your all friends whether they are doing job or not. If they get register themselves and also get selected then you will get huge money for that. How do you like these idea to make money online.

Hope you like these ways of making money online for free. If you have any idea please write to us.

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