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How to make online money with a travel website

How to make online money with a travel website?

For that you need to have some initial amount to invest. Go for a free lance service provider for website designing and book a good host name for a travel portal. They again hire a free lance search engine optimizer to optimize your website. Now when you think that your website is getting huge number of visits on daily basis. You can go for contract to some well known travel companies. Decide your commission for per lead you are giving to that company.

You can make a handsome amount per month. This process is slow and takes some initial time to grow. But who already own some website or blog like travel, hosting services, web solutions, logo designs, education books etc, cab earn huge amount by just giving leads to the company. If you don’t have money for a website, you can go for free blogs website like wordpress, blogger and rediff. You need to have any designing knowledge but some internet knowledge is required for that. You can have as many as blogs without paying anything. We can take an example like, many other popular website, than earn huge amount of money from ads and advertisements.

How to make online money with Content writing and data entry jobs

If you don’t have any professional knowledge you can still earn online money with online content writing and other data entry jobs. If you have a good command over English and can write nice and unique, you can make fantastic money over the net. How to make online money from this kind of online work?

There are many website, blog website which offer pay per post means you will get some amount of money by writing a blog and publish it to their websites. Second way is to go for free lancing content writing. If you are good command then you can charge good amount for writing content on particular specific topic. The cost of content writing is based on per world basis. Means you will be paid for each world you write. So it’s not a bad deal to make money with content writing. But it require good typing speed also as you will have to write content in some specific time.

How much you can make online as free lance content writer?

It depends on your skill that how expert you are in this content writing profession. But an expert content writer can earn minimum $500 to $1500 by just doing online content writing. So if you are not professional go ahead. Its doest require any technical skill and you have to be an expert in writing and vocabulary, so that you can use unique and some nice words for the web.

Why unique and is required?

Unique content is required for website optimization. If you are writing duplicate content and publish it on the web, it can give negative results so always try to write unique and interesting so that visitor could show interest in it. Online money making with this option is easy as compare to other options of making online money. As you need not to invest anything.

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